"The time is ripe for a cooperative market in East Aurora"

Read on to learn how you can help bring it to fruition!

You Can Help Us Grow!

Current Member-Owners, it’s no secret that one of the best ways to learn about something is through word of mouth. For example, when a friend or family member goes to a great new restaurant, they’re going to tell you about it, from the service to the delicious food to the cost.

Using the same word-of-mouth concept, the East Aurora Cooperative Market is asking current member-owners to help us build awareness, and member-ownership, through word of mouth; in particular, by hosting a small get-together for family and friends. Learn more…

We’re Hiring!

Thanks to the support of our member-owners, we’ve met our Capital Campaign goal, we have a great location right on Main Street, and we’re ready to make our vision a reality in Summer 2015. We’re looking for an experienced, dynamic, visionary leader and team-builder to be our General Manager – someone with the passion and expertise to help us grow and a commitment to building a thriving market that serves our member-owners and is the embodiment of the principles of cooperation.

Is that you or someone you know? Read on…

Process and Timeline

The time it takes to open a new co-op is anywhere from 3 – 5 years (sometimes a bit longer) and  is dependent on many factors: how quickly we build our membership, secure a permanent location and financing, and hire a talented General Manager. All of these key pieces must be in place to open the co-op and, as you can imagine, we encounter both triumphs and challenges along the way which affect the overall timing of the project. Read on…